Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fathers, Sons, and the New Year

As each year flows swiftly into the next, we as fathers and sons gain a greater understanding of each other. Fathers gain a better understanding of how their sons are growing, maturing, and becoming men of substance. Sons gain a better understanding of their dads’ wisdom throughout the years.

For me, the ending and the beginning of each year gives me pause to weep over my failures, smile about my successes, and hope for my future. But the pause must be brief. Time doesn’t stop along with me and its ever flowing current pushes against me, urging me toward the future. Finally, tired of the strain from my attempt to hold back time, I move on leaving my failures and successes behind me.

With fresh, fertile soil, 2010 offers the brightest of hope: for me, for my sons, for our families, and for the world.

Happy New Year, boys. Revitalize your spiritual legions. Renew your marital covenants. Strive fervently to realize all your potentials. Never forget the loving ties that bind us together for eternity. I love you, and I thank you for being more sons than any father has a right to have.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho! Wait Santa! Boys, come quickly!

Every year at Christmas, my family began the day with me playing like I had caught Santa Claus as he was leaving the house. I would yell for him to wait and call to the boys to hurry so they could see him. They alway missed him by only a few moments.

Since they missed getting to see Santa, my sons then turned their attention to checking out what he had left behind...presents under the tree.

Where did those days go? They disappeared as quickly as the Gingerbread house.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Sons and Their Wives

These four came to visit me. Of this, I'm extremely proud. They brought their smiles and hugs and laughter.
They stayed for a few days, then went home. But they left in their wake a deeply moved, happy, proud dad (and father-in-law).
I am honored by their coming to visit, sadden by their departure, and anxiously anticipating their return.
I love and miss each one of you.